Not much to say here. I’m a nearly 40 year old IT worker with 17 years experience in a great city in the Midwest.

IT Experience:

Fairly extensive, currently working as an application administrator dealing with a variety of applications and software automation on Windows and Linux servers. I was a software developer for roughly 8 years, working in mostly .NET (1.1 through 4). I’ve professionally written C++, PHP, VB6, VBScript, JavaScript (if we’re calling that a true programming language these days – which I hear we are), C#, VB.NET and a few others.

I’ve been doing software automation and admin work for about 5 years at the time of this writing using a variety of tools and scripting languages (Puppet, PowerShell, Bash, etc). I’m comfortable in the SQL Server world and have acted as a primary DBA for long periods of times over a few moments of my career. I’ve worked with enterprise level applications such as Informatica, and can confidently handle small, in-house written applications leveraging a variety of languages, platforms and infrastructures.


I have 3 kids of varying ages, a wife of a number of years, enjoy gaming, reading, art, movies and TV, music, hiking, fishing and have 2 large dogs. My own paranoia in regards to current or future employers finding this and leveraging the information in interviews is horrifying to me (thus my no-presence on social media) so feel free to ask me directly anything further. Which of course won’t be possible, as even if someone is reading this, it is unlikely we would ever know each other.